• 5 Things to do Instead of Facebook.


    5 Things to do Instead of Facebook.


    I’m hungry.

     I hunger for significance, approval, stimulation.

     I long to make a difference, I hunger to fit in, I crave the next thrill.

     In fact, I wake up that way. The growling stomach reflects a deeper hunger~ this inner longing for unseen things like meaning, purpose, approval, stimulation, and direction.

     I’m not alone. The Hunger is why people become addicts and why people reach for the smartphone first thing in the morning. It’s why we sell our souls for worthless things and why homes lies in ruins and how big businesses become big.

     We chase that which promises to fulfill us.

     For many of us, this is why Facebook is the greatest time suck of all.

     Because it promises so much.

     Yet the greatest hunger we have is not for information or significance or connection or acceptance but for GLORY. Only seeing, tasting and experiencing God and His manifest presence can satisfy us.

     Moses understood this about himself when he cried out to God, “Show me Your glory!”

     It takes faith to cry out like that.

     It takes faith to believe that The Lord is better than Facebook.

     There, I said it.

     Sure we know that in our heads… but are we practicing it with our lives? Our we modeling it to our kids?

     Do our kids see us filling up on the goodness of God day after day? Or filling up on Facebook, phones, and frenetic scrolling?

     Seeking lesser glories is like being content with Doritos for breakfast when we could be having steak, eggs, hash browns, and all the fixins.

     Sometimes I think about how different our choices are today from even fifteen years ago. How differently we can fill the small spaces of our day. How much easier it is today to be consumed with mediocre and meaningless things. And how much more disciplined and intentional we have to be in our choices.

     In times past you might call a friend or visit with a neighbor over the back fence or flip open the Bible sitting on your breakfast table or take a walk or sit on the front porch with a family member… now we just pick up our phone and start scrolling.

     Are we really the better off for it?

     I can’t help but wonder what our lives… and homes… would look like if we filled those small pockets of time not with Facebook but with THE Book. Not with Pinterest but with prayer.

     And what could happen if we made a commitment and actually did it? Instead of talking about it, I mean.

     I get it, I really do. This isn’t a Sunday sermon (believe it or not~ smile). It’s simply that five minutes here and ten there…  well those minutes could add up to a harvest of righteousness. 

     Does anyone have ears to hear?

     Anyone out there in the harvest business?

     So what if we chose this week to do it differently? Just to start. Start small, sure. Start imperfect, yes. But just start.

     When we finish the dishes and find the baby is still asleep, what if we flipped open the Word and meditated on a promise? As we wait for a child to finish a chore or complete homework, what if we grabbed a scripture card and prayed God’s word for that child?

     Because after all, we reap what we sow. Are we’ve just committed to sowing what we want to reap.

     And since a wise woman builds her house, we are done building ours with wood, stubble and hay… especially given we have the precious Rock of Jesus Christ.

     We have the greatest investment opportunity EVER.

     Plus, we know houses are built brick by brick. Moment by moment. In those pockets of time. Five minutes here, ten there. Wise women aren’t deceived into believing somehow their hopes, dreams and desires for their family magically come true.  They know a home has to be built. Seeds have to be sown.

     A home isn’t made of good intentions, it’s made of intentional decisions.

     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

     Yeshua (real name of Jesus) said it this way, “If your right hand offends you, cut it off.”

     Maybe it’s not so drastic to delete our Facebook accounts.

     Or get rid of the smartphone.

     Or not sign up for things that keep us jumping through hoops and busy beyond our measure.

     It comes down to what kind of life we really want.

     What type of legacy we want to leave.

     Each one comes with a price tag. So let’s choose well.

     Sometimes a bit of accountability is necessary to make those tough choices. We need a sisterhood saying, “Yes, I’m in it with you!” A cord of three strands is not easily broken. So there’s a little something coming soon? A solid, satisfying resource to help us replace Facebook with The Book, a way to keep sowing seeds that result in a harvest of righteousness. Coming Tuesday Lord willing!

     Meanwhile, don’t let your motivation die! Be an action taker and solidify your resolve. Identify 5 things you can replace Facebook with (or Instagram, Pinterest, etc). (By Arabah Joy).



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