• A Canceled Wedding.


    A Canceled Wedding Brings Joy to Hungry Sacramento Families!


    A jilted bride in Sacramento turned heartache into healing after her fiancée called off the wedding. Instead of letting the $35,000 worth of food and accommodations go to waste, the bride’s family decided to share their banquet with area homeless families. According to local CBS affiliate KCRA, the bride, Quinn Duane, was taken by surprise when her fiancée cancelled their wedding. Instead of wallowing in grief and wasting the meal, which was planned to feed 120 guests, Quinn’s mother Kari suggested they invite homeless guests to share their gnocchi, salmon and steak.

    A Canceled Wedding.

    Quinn didn’t feel up to attending what would have been her wedding herself, but her mother expressed the family’s hope that everyone could enjoy a nice break from the routine of soup kitchens and homeless shelter cafeterias.


    Around 90 families showed up for the feast. Some of the guests, who had been notified of the event days in advance, even dressed up for the occasion. The event was held in Sacramento’s Citizen Hotel, an upscale venue that often hosts wedding parties but doesn’t have a lot of experience feeding scores of the less fortunate.

    A Canceled Wedding.

    As for the couple’s honeymoon to Belize, which had also been paid in advance and could not be refunded, Kari and Quinn didn’t want that to go to waste either. The mother and daughter decided to take off and enjoy the beach holiday themselves and maybe find some peace after such an upheaval. Quinn’s misfortune is the sort of thing that can happen to anybody but her family’s decision to turn their lemons into lemonade for the less fortunate is nothing short of uplifting and inspiring.



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