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    Welcome to Helsinki!


    Picture: Visit Finland.

    Helsinki is a surprising city that enchants visitors with its diverse urban culture, the proximity of nature and its friendliness.

    The laid-back rhythm of relaxed and compact Helsinki will take you away.

    Helsinki is one of Europe’s fastest growing and developing cities.

    It is an increasingly international place, where new districts are built right in the inner city.

    At the same time, the city has a new type of resource: an urban community life, which makes our city an even better place to live, to study, to visit and to be an entrepreneur.

    Helsinki has fascinating contrasts.

    There is a unique, recognisable style and atmosphere that we inhabitants can be proud of.

    Helsinki is full of wonderful surprises just waiting to be discovered.

    Our city welcomes you with open arms to enjoy its vibrant urban culture, a high level of expertise and lively start-up culture, the ever-present nature and sea and the friendliness and openness of the locals.

    Located between East and West, absorbing influences from both sides, Helsinki is a dynamic and future-oriented city that combines both trends and traditions in its own special way.

    Layers of fine architecture, functional design, a playful and often surprising food culture, an extensive range of events, both large and small, intertwine to form a fascinating capital that offers experiences in all seasons of the year.

    The cityscape in Helsinki harmoniously combines elements of Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, Alvar Aalto and contemporary architecture, offering a fascinating journey through the changing styles of past centuries.

    If you venture beyond the city centre, you will discover many fascinating districts, each one more delightful than the next!

    There is plenty to see and experience in Kruununhaka, Punavuori, Kallio, Vallila and if you happen to be design savvy, Arabia in particular, because you will find Iittala & Arabia Design Centre there. 

    Helsinki is full of surprises.

    Please take a look at the brand new My Helsinki digital service myhelsinki.fi and discover your own favourite places. 

    Have a great time in our lovely city and let Helsinki’s laid-back rhythm take you away. (By Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Director of Economic Development 

    The Economic Development division City of Helsinki.



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    There is one major difference between people who move abroad and those who don't, according to a recent study.


    Moving away from home can change you for the better.

    guilherme stecanella/Unsplash

    Living abroad has plenty of incredible benefits including getting to travel to new places, meet new people, and try new things. But, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the brand-new sense of self you'll discover along the way.

    And this isn't us just waxing poetic about living overseas. There's research to back it up.

    According to a new study by Rice University in conjunction with Columbia University and the University of North Carolina, living abroad increases "self-concept clarity," meaning those who choose to live in a new country tend to have a better sense of self than those who don't.

    The scientists came to this conclusion after conducting a total of six separate studies that surveyed 1,874 participants in the United States and in international MBA programs. The surveys included participants who lived abroad and those who did not.

    The team found that living aboard triggered "self-discerning reflections in which people grapple with the different cultural values and norms of their home and host cultures." By reflecting on themselves and their new cultures they were about to discover which values and norms define who people are.

    "In a world where living-abroad experiences are increasingly common and technological advances make cross-cultural travel and communication ever easier, it is critical that research keeps pace with these developments and seeks to understand how they affect people," the authors wrote. "Our studies demonstrate that living abroad affects the fundamental structure of the self-concept by enhancing its clarity."

    The team even noted the German philosopher Hermann von Keyserling, who wrote in the epigraph to his 1919 book "The Travel Diary of a Philosopher" that "the shortest path to oneself leads around the world."

    According to the research team, living abroad not only provides people with a new sense of self, but can also bring greater life satisfaction and decreased stress, improved job performance and even "enhanced clarity about the types of careers that best match an individual's strengths and values."

    So what are you waiting for? Make the leap and move somewhere new.



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