Addison’s disease: Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Addison’s disease.


    Addison’s disease patient at rest.


    The purpose of this blog is to help people with Addison’s share their experience of symptoms and diagnosis. It is worth mentioning that the condition is also known as Hypo-adrenocorticism, primary adrenal insufficiency or hypo-adrenalism.


    As these names suggest this rare condition (maybe 1 in 10,000 people) impacts the adrenal glands. More common in women than men it affects the production of two vital hormones called cortisol and aldosterone.


    Initial symptoms are similar to other conditions, they include:


    A - Fatigue.


    B - Feelings of depression.


    C - Poor appetite.


    D - Increased thirst.


    E - Weakness of the muscles.


    Addison’s disease is a chronic condition and symptoms can worsen to include dizziness, fainting and exhaustion.


    In extremes cases the condition can lead to what is called either an Addisonian crisis or adrenal crisis. Because this can end in a coma it is vital that if you have any concerns that you might have Addison’s disease you see a healthcare professional as soon as possible.


    For more information on Addison’s disease can we suggest you visit the Addison’s disease UK Self Help web site at http://www.addisons.org.uk/?


    As we said we are keen to find out how you were diagnosed and when you found out you were affected by Addison’s disease.  We would also like to explore whether you are supported emotionally by your family, friends and healthcare professionals and if you are working, by your employers.


    The kinds of things you might like to include would be.


    1) Please tell us the story of your diagnosis! Who diagnosed you? When? What symptoms or events prompted your diagnosis of Addison’s disease, if any?


    2) What tests were done to establish or confirm your diagnosis?


    3) What physicians/specialists have you seen in connection with your Addison’s disease? Who do you see on an on-going basis? Who do you see occasionally?


    4) Have you experienced an Addisonian crisis?


    5) What kind of physical and emotional support do you receive from family, friends, physicians and the emergency services?


    6) Have you had to change your diet and lifestyle routine to cope with the disease?


    I look forward to your comments and ideas.  It would be great if you would use the comments box below to share your story!  Also if you have any links you have found useful in the past it would be great if you could share them!



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