• Amazing food that women with waistline problems need to consume.


    People who eat prunes twice a day during weight loss diet can easily lose weight because these fruits help maintain satiety sensation.


    Scientists from the University of Liverpool, UK, monitored weight and appetite of 100 overweight and obese people, men and women who have received comprehensive advice on the diet they need to follow.


    Half of the study participants received two daily snacks with prunes – men ate 170 grams of prunes a day and women 140 grams per day.


    Both groups of volunteers loss about two kilograms in weight and waists were thinned by an average of 2.5 centimeters in three months.


    However, weight loss was faster in the group that consumed dried plums, especially towards the end of the three months.


    Most likely, due to large amount of fiber existing in the fruit, the volunteers did not feel hunger.


    According to researcher Jason Halford, prunes ability to satisfy hunger is a benefit that compensates relatively high sugar content, saying that other dried fruits such as raisins, have similar beneficial effects, which is why dried fruit snacking are ideal for weight loss.


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