• Are you anti-Semite?


    To all anti-Semites or anti-Jews around the world.


    The Jew is a human like the others, he is correct if he follows Elohim (real name of God) but he is like evil if he refuses to do… Like all the people who inhabit this earth.
    But I have to say that in the history of mankind, the Jewish people is the least evil of all of us, because he is the only people on the planet who, unlike the others at several moments of its existence, has followed The One True Elohim, while All the other nations of the nations worshiped pagan (and false Christians) deities.
    He is also the only people on the planet who preached salvation in Yehoshua-Jesus and the Torah (the original Ancient Testament) to the rest of the world.
    Moreover, we must notice that the only perfect man in the world is a Jew, our Lord Yehoshua-Jesus, not displeasing to all the anti-Jews on the planet… (
    By Ruth).


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