Baptism is a fundamental ritual that has been associated with the Christian faith since its inception. Beginning with the Apostle Peter’s answer to the audience he spoke to on that day of Pentecost described in Acts 2:37–38, baptism has been the answer on how to commence your Christian walk with Yeshua (real name of Jesus Christ).

    Yet, there is much controversy surrounding this act of faith. Why do you suppose so much debate exists? What is so hard to understand about what the Scriptures say concerning this illustration of commitment to God and His Son?

    So many questions have emerged over the centuries about this procedure, from how to do it, to what it actually means. Some believe a baby that can’t even talk can be baptized—many call it a “christening.” Others think it must be done in a river that has flowing water, while others think a lot of pomp and ceremony should be exhibited during the event. And then there are some that think it’s not necessary at all, and you can be a Christian without being baptized! Why so much confusion?

    Well, in this session of Web-Chat, Bill and Wayne attempt to discuss this fundamental Christian ritual in hopes to pull back the curtain on some of the reasons why so many questions exist about this basic Christian function and try to clarify some of the details surrounding baptism. Take a moment and listen in on their discussion. We assure you it will be helpful to your understanding about just how important this procedure really is and what part it should play in your Christian lifestyle. After all, keep in mind, even Jesus Christ Himself surrendered to be baptized!



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