• Clean your Home in 60 Minutes.


    How to Clean your Home in 60 Minutes.


    Cleaning is not on anyone’s hobby list, and to clean your home becomes even more annoying when you feel that you’ve lost your entire Saturday with it. This is the reason why we propose that you reduce this mandatory but not too pleasant activity to one single hour. Simply set up your chronometer for each room and try to respect the time frames that we suggest to you.


    Of course, our plan can fail if you have as big house as Kris Jenner’s or when a tornado came upon it. In these special situations you may need more than one hour to clean your home.


    Clean your Home in 60 Minutes.

    Zone 1: The bedroom. Approximate duration: 10 minutes for the bedroom.


    Use the broom to clean the floor rapidly. Change dirty bed lingerie with clean ones and don’t forget to put the dirty ones in the basket designed for depositing dirty clothes. Try to deposit useless and visible elements that occupy space in the closet or in the nightstand.


    Clean off the dust. With a dry microfiber cloth, start with a piece of furniture from a corner and go towards the clockwise direction so that you don’t miss anything. The cloth needs to touch only once every part of the surfaces (back and front movements will take away a lot of time). If you have a lamp, clean it from upwards to downwards.


    In terms of the vacuum cleaner (the next step), start with one corner and vacuum towards the door, by using firm and long movements. Save time by vacuuming only once each piece of your carpets.


    Zone 2: The bathroom. Approximate duration to clean: 9 minutes.


    Prepare your zones for cleaning. Use the substances you usually apply for cleaning the sink, the toilet bowl and the bathtub and let the solution act. Thus, rust and other stains will be easier to eliminate. Clean the mirror, starting with the upper corner and by cleaning with circular movements. For hardly accessible places in the bathroom use an old tooth brush and for the floor use a microfiber mop humidified with water. Start with a corner of the bathroom and finish at the door.


    Zone 3: The kitchen. Approximate duration: 12 minutes.


    Wash the dishes and then spend 1 or 2 minutes with eliminating things that make the kitchen look messy, such as things left on the seatback, table or kitchen countertop. Have you discovered certain stains difficult to clean? Use for them an expired credit card or an abrasive sponge, especially designed for such moments. Don’t forget to clean well with a wet microfiber cloth the kitchen countertop as well as the refrigerator, the washing machine and the stove. Clean up with the broom a little bit, to take up crumbs and then rapidly clean up with the mop as well. The rule is the same: you start with a corner and finish at the door.


    Zone 4: The living room. Approximate duration: 15 minutes.


    Make order. Scan the room rapidly to see what isn’t at the right place. Place on the TV table the RC, the DVDs well placed in their drawers and the books on the coffee table. Clean off the dust. Start with a corner of the room and clean in the clockwise direction and from upwards to downwards, so that the dust will fall down on the floor.


    To clean glass surfaces, use a special spray for them that you apply on a clean cloth and clean with large and circular movements. Start with one corner and vacuum towards the door, by using firm and long movements. Save time by vacuuming only once each piece of your carpets.



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