• Dating Again After 50?


    Should I Start Dating Again After 50?


    Why not? Who cares? (By Team 50more).

     Ladies and gentleman, we are tired. We are tired of hearing so many different people attach an expiration date to finding love and friendship. We are also tired of seeing so many fine individuals over 50 put aside their love lives after divorce, separation or death of a spouse. It’s time to get back out there and start dating again!

     Why did so many men and women over 50 decide to stop their search forever? Now more than ever 50+ singles should be making moves and asking questions later. Most, if not all, of the socially accepted reasons are no longer relevant. Just one quick Internet search will find you:


      • Men and women over 50 feel fitter and healthier.


      • Men and women over 50 are interested in sex.


      • Men and women over 50 do have standards and expectations.


      • Men and women over 50 are looking to commit.


      • Men and women over 50 are online dating.


     It’s time to shift the national conversation on dating over 50. If you are close to or currently 50+, you need to start speaking up. The common myths and misperceptions will only be cleared up once baby boomers–in particular–address these bogus claims head on. Until then, the mainstream media, Fortune 500 companies and (let’s be honest) younger generations will categorically define dating while “older.”

     If you have any apprehensions about restarting your dating days and/or speaking up, we strongly suggest you look at yourself in the mirror and ask “am I truly happy?” At this point of your life, nothing should guide your decision-making more than your happiness compass. You don’t need us to cite all of the comprehensive works written about social relationships and overall happiness to understand what’s already in your heart.

     The heart longs for love no matter what the age. Listen to it, drink some wine and hey, start dating again.



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