Firstly, I would point out that Facebook as other internet platforms can be very good tools to share the words of Elohim and exchange with brothers and sisters.


    It is a tool, however everything depends on the use, some use it for other evil, others for good.


    The meaning: it is necessary to remember that Facebook, like all others was created by pagans peoples having no biblical moral, remind others that the creators of these platforms are condoning of homosexuality.


    We can detect subtleties to make participating users everything that is conveyed.


    For example, you will see that if you want to follow the news of a chain of famous media information, you'll have one choice, to click on this well-known button " Like".


    We can legitimately wondering why to write 'like' instead of 'track information'.


    Absolutely do not believe that this choice of Facebook is a coincidence or unimportant since everything is always well studied by these marketing companies.


    The goal is to tell users to "Like" everything that is broadcast by the channel in question or another Facebook page.


    Do not click like if that sounds something which is no important in the eyes of Elohim.


    Facebook developers have managed to make millions of people join Facebook pages who preach and preach horrors, profanity.


    I have taken the measure of this at the time of the Charlie-Hebdo case and the Bataclan concert hall, where all the mass-media were named “Je suis Charlie” so alongside the freedom to blaspheme against Elohim, Moses and our Lord and Savior Yehosua (Yeshua).


    What is important is to love YHWH our Elohim and our Lord and Savior Yehosua (Yeshua) first.


    I also want to mention the "Facebook friends", there again I think that facebook has slightly infiltrated the minds of users believing that their simple contacts on the internet are genuine friends.


    Remain that the word “FRIEND” is a strong word for/from Elohim; a friend is not just a person who likes what you post at a time on Facebook and makes a friendship request to follow your publications.


    No, however and according to the word of Elohim, the friend is a person who has faith in Elohim and Joshua, a friend is a brother or sister in the Lord.


    Of course, that is not the fact to accept or refuse a Facebook friendship request which determines who is a true friend, a brother or a sister in faith.


    Facebook has managed to bring millions of people into his system of thought (and behavior), people who have lost the notion even words and their real meanings in the belief that it was sufficient simply to click a button to truly love someone... (By Ruth l´Israelite).



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