• Farm owner...


    Farm Owner Warns of Shortages; Builds Shelter Baltimore, MD.


    Most Americans aren’t aware of just how closely connected our lives are with our economic system.


    Almost all of our daily necessities and comforts – from our ability to buy fresh food to simply taking money out at an ATM – depend on a few key pieces of the US economy working correctly.


    So what would America look like if one of those pieces – arguably the most important one – suddenly stopped working?


    Recently, we went to a small farm south of the Mason Dixon line to find that out…and wound up stumbling upon something far stranger than we expected.
    The owner of this small farm has been working on a hidden underground structure, tucked away in the woods.


    It is invisible from any public road, and even up close, you would probably mistake it for a small hill, covered in thick brush.


    Inside there is a living space which is cooled and heated without the need for electricity or gas.


    As we discovered when we went to go shoot footage of it, the structure is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.


    When asked why he spends his free time working on this, the farm owner shrugs, giving a non-committal response.


    But here’s where it starts to get a little strange…


    This same man is the author of a video that recently went viral, getting over 2 million views…


    And in it, he predicts that Americans are about to experience a sudden and disturbing shift in the way we live.


    One that will shake the foundations of this country.


    And test the limits of who we are…


    If this man is correct, we will see more civil unrest, shortages in major grocery stores and gas stations, and increasing government controls of our money.


    And recent events indicate it may be more possible than you think…


    Residents of Charlotte, a generally safe, modern city, were shocked when rioting recently broke out.


    And not long after that, Americans in the south saw just how fragile our gas supply lines are when a pipe leak caused pumps to run dry while prices skyrocketed.


    Meanwhile, at least one state has issued regulations prohibiting the exchange of cash for second hand gold (which is much harder to track).


    So is this man for real?


    We recently went to get take footage of his farm, and the strange underground structure he has been working on there.
    And what we found will surprise you…


    He is not a prepper or a survivalist. He has produced acclaimed work on economics and has run a major international business that spans six continents. His friends include major public figures, economists, and multi-millionaires. Safe to say, when he talks, people listen.


    What he’s saying now is that according to his latest economic research, America is finally about to experience a catastrophic event over 30 years in the making…


    And he wants everyone to at least see the evidence for themselves…


    You can see the footage we took of his fascinating hidden building in the woods…And see this man’s latest economic research.


    Fair warning: the facts will seem incredible. As far as we’ve been able to determine, they are all – shockingly – true.
    What People Are Saying About This Man’s Video bellow:




    “This information was really eye opening. It will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.” – Chris Filner


    “It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand.” – Kevin Oppenheimer.


    “As a long-time career banker…I know how corrupt the system…This has confirmed and reinforced what I’ve been reading and experiencing for the past 20 years.” – Sam Tripp.



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