• Finland´s festive menu...


    The hundred-year-old Finland’s festive menu tastes of tradition and modernity.


    The centenary menu in honor of Finland’s one-hundred years of independence was published on 24 August 2016, in association with the Annual Meeting of Heads of Mission held in Helsinki. The menu, which will be served at Finland’s diplomatic missions during the centenary year 2017, is inspired by Finland’s pristine nature and by Finnish ingredients and flavours. The menu is designed so that it can be made in all of Finland’s diplomatic missions regardless of location.


    The Finland 100 menu has been planned by chefs Kim Palhus and Arto Rastas. Its main ingredients include salmon, mushrooms, potatoes and lamb. “Salmon has a long and fine history in Finland. Our appreciation of salmon has sometimes declined, but it remains a valuable fish. Also, the use of lamb in Finnish cuisine is on the rise again. Finns have a particularly close and warm relationship with the potato. Mushrooms and our other forest offerings are among the world’s purest and tastiest. The availability of these ingredients is good all over the world, which was an important criterion in planning the menu,” Palhus explains. “The more unusual Finnish ingredients must of course be acquired through the Foreign Ministry,” he continues.

    Finland´s festive menu...

    Source: Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland, photographer: Petri Krook.


    The side dishes and sauces provide a chance to savour more exotic Finnish flavours as well. Tar pastilles are used in the sauce for the salmon, and cabbage rolls stuffed with oats are seasoned with pine tip powder. Finnish buns, salted beef, wild mushroom salad and smoked vendace are served as small starters, with mead as a chaser. The four-course menu ends with Brita cake, a long-standing delicacy of the Finland-Swedish bourgeoisie. “The menu is a natural combination of tradition and modernity, while pine tip powder introduces a hint of wild food,” Kim Palhus summarises.



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