• Finland’s national butterfly.


    Finland’s national butterfly is the holly blue.


    The holly blue is Finland’s new national butterfly. Photo: Marianne Niemelä.

     To mark Finland’s centenary of independence, the holly blue was voted the national butterfly of Finland. The first runner-up was the European peacock, and the mourning cloak reached the third place. All in all, 36,500 votes were cast during the spring.

     The holly blue is one of the nine common blue butterflies in Finland. The species is widespread, but it’s difficult to spot them, since they tend to fly high. The holly blue is common in Southern and Central Finland, and during the 21st century it has also spread to Northern Finland.

     Finland already has a national bird, animal, flower, fish, and a tree.

     Several Finnish butterfly species have become rare due to changes in their environment. The aim of the national butterfly project was also to spread consciousness about Finland’s butterflies and their environment.

     The First Lady of Finland, Mrs. Jenni Haukio, is the patron of the project.

     The project was organised by The Vuokko Foundation for Nature Conservation, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Suomen Luonto, Suomen Perhostutkijain Seura ry, and Etelä-Karjalan Allergia- ja Ympäristöinstituutti.



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