• Finnish plastic replacement raises EUR 1 million.


    Finnish plastic replacement raises EUR 1 million.


    Finnish plastic replacement raises EUR 1 million.

    According to Sulapac, the material can be used for almost any kind of packaging.




    A Finnish innovation named Sulapac intends to challenge the dominance of plastic in the world of packaging.


    The Sulapac innovation is based on woodchip and natural adhesive. The company’s founders Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen, both of whom have a background in medicine and biomaterials, developed the material.


    Sulapac competes in the exact same market as plastic, but as its main ingredient is wood, it’s completely biodegradable. According to the company, this makes Sulapac one of the world’s most ecological options for packaging material.


    Sulapac can be processed and mass-produced using methods similar to producing plastic. This enables quick scaling, as already existing facilities can be used.


    In its funding round in early 2017, Sulapac collected one million euros in funding from various Finnish investors and Lifeline Ventures, topped with Dutch Ardent Venture. The company has also received funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes.


    Haimi tells in a press release that Sulapac is currently holding negotiations regarding pilot packaging projects with four global brands.


    “These are the first steps towards our vision, to make Sulapac material the dominating ecological material for the world’s 800-billion-euro packaging market.”



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