• Garlic and red wine natural remedy that treats over 100 diseases.


    While raw garlic has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and detoxification properties due to allicin, red wine is rich in antioxidants that maintain a healthy heart and prevent premature aging.


    This natural remedy combines the properties of red wine and garlic in order to make a drink with powerful effects. This recipe can significantly improve our health and prevent a large number of diseases.


    Given the properties of garlic and red wine, we can say that this remedy is able to detoxify the blood, it strengthens the immune system, it decreases bad cholesterol levels, it improves the cardiovascular system functioning, it prevents diseases and eliminates infections.


    Among other benefits, it acts as a food with strong anticancer properties – both ingredients can prevent and fight cancer.




    – 12 garlic cloves


    – half a liter of (good quality) red wine




    First, each clove should be cut into four. Afterward, put them in a bottle (not plastic) and mix them with half a liter of red wine.


    Use a thin neck glass bottle. Store it in a sunny area inside the house for two weeks.


    During this period, shake the bottle every day, two or three times.


    Finally, filter the liquid. Place it in a dark color glass bottle.


    Dose: Take one tablespoon of this mixture three times a day for one month. Ideally, you should repeat this remedy at least twice a year.



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    Samedi 27 Janvier à 11:27

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    simon e
    Samedi 30 Juin à 09:38

    Recipe says 500 ml wine, yet you say take 45 ml/day for 30 days= 1350 ml?

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