• Get rid of varicose veins with tomatoes.


    Get rid of varicose veins with tomatoes.


    Have you ever thought treating varicose veins with tomatoes? Tomatoes have powerful healing properties, due to concentrated substances in their seeds. Tomatoes also contain a substance that has the same effect as aspirin. This acid is an anticoagulant and a blood thinner.

    Get rid of varicose veins with tomatoes.

    In addition, tomatoes are rich in flavonoids, which strengthen blood vessels. Here’s how to use ripe and raw tomatoes for relieving varicose veins:


    Green tomatoes.
    This is a very simple remedy that will improve your condition significantly.
    Wash and slice some green tomatoes. Put the slices directly on the venous nodules and fix them with a bandage. Keep the slices until you feel a slight tingling on the skin.
    If tingling is uncomfortable, remove them as soon as you feel your skin burn. Rinse with cold water.
    You should notice some improvements soon. This treatment needs to be repeated five times a day.
    Within two weeks the nodules should decrease, and some will disappear.


    Ripe tomatoes.
    The same instructions are valid for ripe tomatoes. Wash and slice the tomatoes. Place the slices on the affected area for 3-4 hours. Bond with a bandage. Replace the slices. For best results, apply this treatment in the evening or overnight.


    Apply this treatment as long as you think is necessary; you can also combine ripe tomatoes with green ones.



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