• How to clean a laptop at home.


    Cleaning your laptop may help increase its lifetime and maintain your health as keyboards and touch pad’s are own development environments for germs and bacteria. Find out what steps you should follow to clean the laptop and how you can get your own screen cleaning kit using simple household, ingredients.  If you take care in the selection of materials, dirt and cleaning solutions, you will solve the problem in a few minutes and only by using the products that you find in the house.




    Since the keyboard is the dirtiest part of a laptop, which can harbor more harmful bacteria to your health than most toilet seats, the first thing you should do is to start cleaning this component.


    First use a compressed air spray, spraying the keyboard at a distance of more centimeters away on an angle of about 54 degrees. Then look closely at the space between keys and using tweezers gather any scrap of lint, hair, etc.


    If you don’t have such a spray, tip the laptop in one hand and using a  paint brush remove the debris from the keyboard. The same solution works for usb ports, and vents.


    The ideal solution is simple distilled water. LCD panel manufacturers do not recommend to clean them with alcohol, ammonia or other strong solvents. So apply a little distilled water on a soft microfiber cloth, not paper towels, dish towels or rough rags. Napkins and other paper can contain wood fibers, scratching the surface.
    If you need a more thorough cleaning, prepare a mild cleaning solution by mixing in a spray bottle, distilled water with equal amounts of white vinegar. Do not spray directly on the screen, just apply small amounts pf the mixture on a very soft cloth, preferably cotton (you can even use an old shirt) or microfiber for a lint-free screen.


    Dampen the cloth and wipe the screen with circular movements, but do not press to hard because your risk to permanently destroy LCD’s matrix.


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