• How to remove the grease from cabinets.


    How to remove the grease from cabinets.


    The wood is a material easy to care, if you keep it away from water and grease. The grease stains from wood furniture shouldn’t frighten you when you discover them. With a little patience, you can restore the shine and brilliance of your furniture. It is very important to use solutions that will not destroy the wood.


    Grease stains can be removed from the wood surfaces with professional solutions for this type of dirt. Before using these solutions you need to be sure that they will not destroy the wood.  To do that try these solutions on a less visible area of the cabinet.


    1. If the stain is fresh , put an ice cube over it. Thus, the grease will solidify and you will be able to remove it from the wood surface with a spatula. Careful not to scratch the furniture.


    2. Prepare a solution made of 2 black tea bags that keep them for 20 minutes in hot water. Wipe the grease stains with a clean cloth soaked in that tea. After you clean the place thoroughly, wipe the wood with a common cleaning solution for wood surfaces.


    3. Grease stains on wood surfaces can be removed with turpentine, sodium phosphate or brake fluid. All these solutions are on the market, but you should ensure that you will not destroy the furniture. Test them before use.


    4. Grease stains can be removed from cabinets with salt. Apply on the stained area a sufficient amount of salt that completely cover the stain of fat. Leave the salt act until all the fat is absorbed. Repeat until stain fat was absorbed in salt. Then wipe wood  surface with your normal cleaning solution.


    5. Another suitable solution for grease stains removal on wood surfaces is obtained from dish soap and boiled water. Mix well this solution, until it forms a foam consistency. With a clean cloth, wipe the grease stain only with foam detergent. After the stain has been removed, wipe the place with warm water- without detergent. Thoroughly dry the wood surface and wipe it with your normal cleaning solution.



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