• How to stop bleeding in 1 minute: Cayenne peper!


    How to stop bleeding in 1 minute.


    We all know that applying pressure on an open wound will slow bleeding but to stop bleeding completely without medical equipment we had no clue. Here is a natural ingredient that will stop bleeding in no time.


    Apparently, if a person applies cayenne pepper to an open wound, it will stop bleeding. This even works for deep cuts that are a serious cause for concern.

    How to stop bleeding in 1 minute: Cayenne peper!

    How does it work?


    Cayenne pepper can stop bleeding in less than 1 minute, most of the time because it reacts with the body to equalize blood pressure and blood will quickly clot. Basically, cayenne pepper returns blood pressure to normal and prevents blood loss. You can apply cayenne powder directly on the wound or you can take a teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of warm water, drink it and in no time the bleeding will stop quickly.


    Cayenne pepper will also prevent infections that are common with minor cuts. This is because it has some antibacterial properties which are great for fighting bacteria that may enter the body through an injury.



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