• How to use Coca-Cola as a household cleaner.


    How to use Coca-Cola as a household cleaner.


    Here are two interesting things that you do not know about Coca Cola: is the biggest brand in the world and is the second most famous phrase, after English “hello”. Leaving aside its sweet and alluring acid, Coca Cola is very harmful to the human metabolism. But there is good news in terms of the most loved product in the world, namely that the soda contains acid whose level is very close to that of a car battery.


    Therefore, Coca Cola can be used to clean many surfaces and is often a product more effective than ordinary cleaning products. Read below what Coca-cola contains and this makes it a good solution used to clean and not to drink.
    Here is what Coca Cola contains:

    How to use Coca-Cola as a household cleaner.

    The first most bothersome aspect of the composition of this drink is that it contains only 85% water, while other carbonated drinks contain even 98% water. Coca Cola contains also obviously, carbon dioxide, which cause stomach irritation. These rashes can be treated by your body with calcium through blood. If there is no calcium in the blood, the body gets its required reserves from the bones. Perhaps the biggest problem is that this drink has in its composition phosphoric acid, which drastically decreases the supply of calcium from the bones. So you can understand quite clearly what happens to your stomach, especially if you daily drink it. Moreover, the flavors are not yet known, but E’s known contained by Coca Cola, namely: E330, E338, E951, E950, E952 and E150d. But in any negative thing is a good thing and you should know that Coca Cola contains a specific dosage of ingredients that makes it a tremendous solution to clean. Here’s what you should do with this drink.
    How to use Coke to clean your house:
    The amount of acid in the soda is large enough to remove your tooth enamel and cause decay. To show you a few ways in which such carbonated drink is not good for your body, we will show you some aspects where Coke is brilliant:



      1. Coca Cola remove grease from clothes and fabrics. You didn’t see that coming, right?
        2. Remove blood stains on clothing and fabrics, and even rust stains with a technique well planned.
        3. Cleans the burned pan if you let it soak for several hours in the black drink, then rinse.
        4. Clean battery terminals (if you gently wipe with a cloth soaked in Cola).
        5. Coca Cola cleans your engine. No, not an advertising campaign slogan, but one of the benefits of this drink content.
        6. Makes money shine. If, for some reason, you want your coins to shine, soak them in Coca Cola.
        7. Removes chewing gum from hair. If a chewing gums gets into your hair, don’t rush to the salon to get a haircut! Put coca cola in a bowl and soak your hair in drink. After several minutes, wash your hair.
        8. Even hair dye can be removed with some Diet Coke.
        9. This black drink removes marker stains on the carpet. Leave to soak for a while, then rinse thoroughly with water and detergent.
        10. Last but not least, Coca Cola cleans your toilet. You can use the drink just like using other cleaning products (more expensive), pouring down the side of the toilet and letting it act.
        The fact is that you need to remember what Coke contains but not for everyday pleasures or for parties. Coca Cola is wonderful if it is used in cleaning, and only there!




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