• Men vs Women in the church.


    Men vs Women in the church.


    A lot of Christians believe that only men are to make the important decisions in regards to the doctrine of the church. Only men are to decide how the church understands, interprets and follows scripture. But in 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34 we see some of the most influential men in Israel, including King Josiah and the high priest, seeking the discernment and guidance of a woman on how to understand scripture.


    Men vs Women in the church.

    Even with the prophet Jeremiah on the scene at this time, it is the prophetess Huldah that these men seek in order to understand the law of God. Is there a place for Huldah today in our churches? Or does our understanding of scripture sideline her? Do we respect and honor the discernment and wisdom of women given to them by God regarding His word? If Huldah attended my church, I would want her at the decision-making table!


    Krysta Szkarlat


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