This is a study on this subject which is my understanding of the Millennium according to all the pieces of the Biblical puzzle that I can put together and that correspond.
    I realize that once again this study is likely to be cause of negative reaction from those who are already convinced in their reading of the millennium, while others I hope will appreciate this sharing.



    Firstly we must know that, to understand well the Millennium, which is the coming earthly reign of YHWH and Yeshua (real name of Jesus) which will last 1000 years, don´t just read the Book of Revelation but read also the books of the prophets and of the Torah which also about this earthly reign.


    Don´t forget that the word of Elohim cannot contradict itself, if these texts are apparently contradictory, that's when our understanding is necessarily wrong.


    I'll start by talking about the common mistake among those who explain the Millennium.


    This error consist to separate Israel from the Church while the Church mentioned in the Scriptures is nothing other than the Church of Israel, to which those of believers among the Nations are grafted.


    This study will therefore be based on the books of Enoch, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, the Torah of Jubilees, the Book of Revelation and the texts of the Gospels and letters of the Apostles.


    Before demonstrating my understanding by the biblical writing, here is my understanding of the Millennium, which is my most coherent way so that all the pieces of the Bible puzzle can match correctly.


    Yeshua will return on Mount Zion, and there sitting on his throne. He will severely reign on the Earth, He will be as He was in the time of Moses, performing some miracles. He will be both on the mountain of Zion and also travelling to Jerusalem to deliver Jerusalem entering through the eastern side of the Temple so towards the Mount of Olives.


    When his return an upheaval will take place on the Earth as in the days of Noah and the burning of the heavens and of the Earth the heavens and the Earth will be renewed without for that a complete destruction of human-mankind, all metals will melt and there is more on Earth no modern weapon, nor tank assault, airplane or car... Yes, men will re-start to use the horses, as the ancient age.


    At this time, the dead saints (real Christian followers) will be resurrected and will be like the angels of Elohim in the heavens.


    Others ones still alive, will be collected from all the part of the Earth by Yeshua, all the dispersed of all Israel will be brought back in the Great Israel. They will live as older as in the time of Adam and Eve, about 1000 years sometimes and will serve Elohim and Yeshua in the Holy Temple rebuilt. For them are still in flesh and blood, they will continue to marry and have children until the tree of life is teach, by YHWH to the day right after the last judgment.


    This reign of peace will last 1000 years in which the Earth will return to its Adamic period, where the wild animals will eat again the grass.


    The other nations without Torah will still be present and must submit themselves the Law of Yeshua; they must go to Jerusalem to each day of Sukkoth celebration.


    After 1000 years, Satan the opponent, will be free for a while, and start to come to invade Jerusalem, then YHWH our Elohim with Yeshua will send a fire that will destroy totally them (him and his followers).


    Then will comes the very last judgment.


    And this system will provide everything the human-mankind need.


    YHWH will come down on Mount Zion will plant the tree of life North, near his Holy abode and the heavens and the Earth will still be renewed, the new Jerusalem will come down also from the sky and those people still alive on Earth will be changed into body immortal, then they will be like the resurrected from the dead, they will also be as the angels of Elohim in the heavens.


    Surely, Yeshua will come down on Mount Zion.



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