• Morocco to Introduce Holocaust Studies.


    Morocco to Introduce Holocaust Studies Into Country’s Education System.


    King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Photo: Flickr.

    King Mohammed VI of Morocco has ordered to incorporate Holocaust studies into the countrys ‎‎education system, Moroccan news website Le Desk reported on Wednesday.

    The reports, which quickly went viral, said that the decision was made while the monarch was attending the 73rd UN General Assembly in New York last week and that Mohammed sent word to Education Minister Said Amzazi, saying Holocaust studies must be included in the countrys high school curriculum.

    “The history we teach our children must include a pluralistic variety of opinions and stories. It must present humanitys greatest moments, as well as its darkest moments, the report quoted a statement by the king. Education has the power to fight against ‎‎discrimination and racism, as well as the ugly phenomenon of antisemitism.

    UNESCO director Audrey Azoulay, the daughter of one of Mohammeds chief advisers, Andre Azoulay, welcomed the move.

    To address antisemitism, it is to defend the equal dignity for all human beings, Azoulay tweeted. ‎‎Education is the best tool to prevent all forms of discrimination.

    It is unclear at this time what form Holocaust studies would take in Morocco and what language the countrys textbooks would opt for.

    Jerusalem and Rabat established diplomatic ties in ‎‎1994. King Mohammed VI’s regime is known as sympathetic to Jews.



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