• Powerful European Army.


    Germany wants POWERFUL EU army to fight against terror and promote world peace.


    GERMANY wants to strengthen the EU and build a formidable continent-wide army in the interests of global security, it has emerged.


    The majority of Germans surveyed want Brussels to have a “very large” or “rather large” influence in wars and conflict around the world, according to YouGov.


    Now Germany and France have grabbed the bull by the horns and set about creating a joint military headquarters.


    In the first few months of 2017, concrete projects for a billion-dollar defensive fund will be discussed in order to jointly allocate armament contracts.


    These projects are in line with the results of the YouGov survey at the end of September, which showed the Germans wanted a better European defence network. 


    This revelation will be music to Jean-Claude Juncker’s ears, given the Luxemburger has campaigned for an EU army since his election as Commission President.

    Mr Juncker said in November: “The Americans, to whom we owe a lot to…will not provide the security of the Europeans in the long run.


    “We have to do that ourselves. That is why we need a new start in the field of European defense, even as far as having the goal of setting up a European army.”


    Donald Trump’s election as US President has heightened concerns that the European Union should have its own defense network as the Republican is seen as potentially volatile.


    The EU Army could actually promote world peace, according to the Germans


    Despite Brexit and growing nationalist sentiment in France and Italy, the European Union is more popular among its member states than it was a year ago.


    A YouGov poll submitted in the wake of Brexit showed the remaining 27 nations advocated a closer union and “more Europe”.

    AFP/Getty Images / Polish troops land with parachutes at the military compound near Torun, central Poland as part of the NATO Anaconda-16 military exercise.


    The ongoing terror threat in Germany is deemed to be partly responsible for the country’s attitude to national and continent-wide security.


    Islamic State inspired terror atrocities dominate Germany’s media and with Russia also annexing Crimea in recent times, the German population is willing to do whatever it can to defend itself in dangerous and uncertain times. (By Patrick Christys and Monika Pallenberg).




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