• Put Onions In Your Socks Before Going To Bed.


    Why You Should Put Onions In Your Socks Before Going To Bed.

     The bottom of the feet have many different nerve endings (approximately 7,000 meridians), that directly link to different organs. They act as very powerful electrical circuits within the body, and are often dormant because we wear shoes, and don’t get acupuncture done to help the meridians or nerves in any way…

    Onions (and garlic) are known air purifiers and when applied to the skin topically, they kill germs and bacteria. Also, the phosphoric acid (onions’ substance that makes you cry when you cut them open) enters the bloodstream and helps to
    purify the blood.

     Reusing onions is not recommended, as they collect germs and bacteria. So it’s fairly simple, here are the two steps to purify your blood, and kill germs and bacteria.

     The Benefits Of Putting A Slice Of Onion In Your Sock Before Going To Bed
    Kills Bacteria, Germs & Pathogens — Onions (and garlic) have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.
    Purifies Your Blood — When the phosphoric acid from the onions is absorbed through the skin, it purifies the blood.

     Purifies The Air — While you sleep, this little chamber of smelly onion around your feet will purify the air, get rid of foot odor, and absorb toxins and chemicals.

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