• Ridiculous Things Couples Argue About.


    8 (Mostly) Ridiculous Things Couples Argue About.


    Arguments and disagreements in a relationship are commonplace. While in general, couples may get into arguments due to logical differences in opinions, there may be times when they’ll end up quarreling due to some really odd, ridiculous reasons. Here are a few of the (mostly) ridiculous reasons couples argue about:

    1. Untidiness.

    This has to be the number one of the ridiculous reasons. As simple as it may sound, but keeping things in their place is not something that comes easily to men. On the contrary, they’d rather put their stuff everywhere else in the house except where it belongs, be it the wet towel on the bed, clothes hanging in every nook and corner of the house, to socks never inside their shoes. When all the pleadings, reprimands, and peaceful negotiations fall on deaf ears, then definitely it is time for the ultimate showdown!

    2. Make-Up Time.

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    Sure women love to look their best when they step out, but why does it necessarily have to be time-consuming where “10 minutes” means a minimum of an hour? Putting make-up on is understandable when its a dinner date, but applying a similar amount of makeup just for some grocery shopping? Give it a break ladies and wear your natural, beautiful selves for a change!

    3. Sharing Dish Washing.

    As if household chores and cooking isn’t tiring enough, washing dishes at the fag end of the day may completely drain a woman out. While men may be good at these chores, but with a woman around, they turn lazy leading to arguments. A helping hand every now and then is all it takes to maintain a fine balance in a relationship.

    4. Long Hours In Shower.

    Though there is nothing great than a long, hot shower to de-stress yourself, the same may be completely annoying when you are pressed for time. Men are generally quick dressers, whereas women follow a certain cleansing-toning-moisturizing regimen after showers, which takes time and can be frustrating for the respective partner. A little bit of advance planning keeping the time requirement in mind can help diffuse such situations.

    5. Long Hours Of TV.

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    What long showers probably are to women, TV viewing is to men – a form of indulgence! A once-in-a-while great match of football or cricket may be acceptable, but TV time that eats into a considerable amount of love-life is a ridiculous enough reason for an argument. Hang up that remote and spend some lovey-dovey time with your spouse for a change.

    6. Refusing To Let Go.

    Women have a great memory. Period. Absolutely nothing, be it the good stuff or the bad one, fails to register forever in their minds. While remembering the good moments is great for a relationship, refusing to let go of past hurt is definitely a complete no-no. It not only leads to unnecessary arguments but could drive a wedge between the two. It is prudent to give all arguments a closure then and there, and not follow up on it for the sake of a healthy relationship.

    7. Failing To Remember.

    While women may remember almost everything, men are equally good at forgetting, especially birthdays or special occasions. Forgetting things that are important to your partner or makes a difference to your relationship is certainly bad. Keeping a note of such occasions in your planner, just like the one in office, will certainly help men bridge the gap.

    8. Hollow Apologies.

    When there is an occasion where a woman never lets go of an old issue or a man forgets an important one, an apology may be all one needs to sort the situation. However, you need to understand that a ‘sorry’ means that you’ll not repeat that mistake. Carrying out a similar hurtful act in a different manner defeats the purpose of an apology, which is to mend a broken heart. So, make sure your apology is a heartfelt one.

    One of the most important aspects of a relationship is a genuine effort to make things work, despite obvious differences. And it is the prerogative of both the partners involved. Only then will your relationship last the highs and lows associated with it. (Written By SADIYA QAMAR).



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