• Slavery and Bible.


    During the enslavement of the Africans in America they were given a Christian religion that taught them to believe in a white God, white messiah, white angels and white prophets. These depictions of “white only” deities were deliberately done to subconsciously indoctrinate the false belief of white divinity [and therefore superiority] upon the minds of the African slaves.


    In making the slaves believe in white deities it made them subconsciously believe that their slave masters- also being white- were closer to God—or god like. To protect their positions of white dominance they believe it was necessary to instill the belief of white superiority into the minds of the African slaves.


    This white idolizing religious indoctrination process was also used to make the African slaves more loyal to their masters. From the perspective of the slave masters, it made them better slaves.


    The effects of that brain washing scheme initially implemented more than four hundred years ago still continues upon the mind of millions of African Americans. It is the reason why you can presently visit many black churches and find its walls stubbornly adorned with pictures of only white deities. This conditioning has been left uncorrected and un-removed for generations.

    Slavery and Bible.

    Most African Americans are unaware that their spiritual experiences of trance shaking when feeling a spiritual connection with their creator, and speaking in tongue has nothing to do with Christianity.


    In fact when such behavior was displayed by the early African slaves, their masters often expressed feelings of shock because they found the displayed behavior as being strange and alien to the Christian religion they were teaching their slaves.


    They often wrote narratives about witnessing their slaves’ experiencing trances, speaking in foreign tongues and shaking uncontrollably during these forced religious services. Many slave owners believed that these displayed behaviors proved that their slaves somehow lacked mental capacity.


    This is because these expressions of spirituality (that we now perceive as Christianity) are in fact totally African expressions. Many African Americans believe that it's the power of white Jesus that they're feeling but this same behavior may be found being displayed in the deepest parts of Africa by Africans celebrating their ancient religions.


    We the people presently known as Africans and or as Black people have had a deep relationship with our Creator/The Most High/God that is in fact much older than Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.


    Our relationship with the Creator was established long before the names of Jesus, Mohammed or even Buddha where ever uttered.


    Our ancestors were however not religious. The way that our ancestors connected to our Most High was originally done so in a more organic and spiritual manner. Not through organized religion but through a personal oneness between the inner mind and that which we now know as God.


    An experience that no two individuals may verbalize the same. Some may say that it speaks from above, some may say it comes from within. Some may also say that it comes through the mind, while others says through the heart.


    It doesn't matter because in our true belief system they are all correct. It is their own individual oneness with the Most High! It is not these man made religions that often perverts the truth and that have been used by men to justify wars and the enslavement of millions. Religions that have also been used to exploit and control the masses while demanding 10 percent of their earnings to finance their wealthy lifestyles.


    My "oneness" doesn't attempt to rival your "religion" because within my oneness there is no competition. Totally at peace within is the only way to explain it.


    The belief that a white Jesus died for we Blacks subconsciously instill within the collective black subconscious minds feelings of indebted to whites.


     In truth a white Jesus did not die for us. Malcolm X died for us, Stephen Biko died for us, Dr. King died for us, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for us. Stop believing that a white man died for we Blacks. To consciously worship a white God is to sub-consciously worship white people!


    My articles are written to encourage you to seek the true belief system that was taken away by force from our ancestors. Our true and original belief system has been Highjack by a counterfeit versions that was forced upon our ancestors during slavery and that is presently being used to exploit, mentally enslave and control us… (The Black Matrix by Franklin Jones).

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