• Some black facts...


    Some black facts.


    Some black facts...

    1st black pilot with Continental Airlines who had to go through the Supreme Court to get the job. Marlon Dewitt Green (June 6, 1929 – July 6, 2009) was an African-American pilot whose landmark United States Supreme Court decision in 1963 helped dismantle racial discrimination in the American passenger airline industry, leading to David Harris hiring as the first African-American pilot for a major airline the following year.


    Some black facts...

    Did you know that dry cleaning was invented in 1821 by an African American named Thomas Jennings? Thomas L. Jennings (1791–1856) was an African-American tradesman and abolitionist. He was a FREE BLACK who operated a dry-cleaning business in New York City, and was the first African American to be granted a patent. Jennings' skills along with a patent granted by the state of New York on March 3, 1821, for a dry-cleaning process called "dry scouring" enabled him to build his business


    Some black facts...

    Benjamin F. Hardy was a prominent black motorcycle engineer and chopper builder. He was known for creating the customized choppers for the characters 'Captain America; and 'Billy' which appeared in 1969… JJHM.

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