• Strengthening the tendons...


    Pineapple, Cinnamon And Oats Smoothie For Strengthening The Tendons And Ligaments On Your Knees.


    We use our joints in the highest manner when we walk, and even if we don’t notice, our entire body structure is governed by joints and knees. They both help us to walk, stand, jump, run and get the right posture.


    Unfortunately, our knees become loose after a certain age or due to injuries and wounds. Moreover, they lose the natural lubrication which makes the loss of flexibility of tendons and ligaments.


    It is essential to prepare your knees to fight the process of aging and you should make them ready for sudden and fast movement. You should also make sure to keep your ligaments and tendons healthy so that they remain strong and flexible as you grow older.


    In this article, we will present you the best recipe for a natural smoothie that will help you keep your joints and knees perfectly healthy. Moreover, the consumption of this smoothie will boost your overall health as well.


    All you need to prepare this natural smoothie are cinnamon, oats and pineapple. Due to these amazing and healthy ingredients, the smoothie acts as a rich source of silicon, vitamin C, magnesium, and bromelain.


    Moreover, this smoothie consists of anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the pain due to friction during movements.


    Strengthening the tendons...

    Things you need:


    •Water- 250 ml


    •Instant oatmeal- 1 cup


    •Orange juice- 1 cup


    •Cinnamon- 7 g


    •Almonds- 40 g (crushed)


    •Honey- 40 g


    •Pineapple chunks- 2 cups




    First of all, put the oats in 200 ml of water and cook them. Once cooked, add 2 cups of orange juice in them.


    Next, add 2 cups of pineapple chunks, 40 g of honey, 40 g of crushed almonds and 7 g of cinnamon to the blender. Blend all the ingredients well in order to prepare a smooth paste.


    That’s it, your delicious smoothie is ready. You should store it in a cool and damp place and enjoy it whenever you want with some ice cubes.


    If you want to keep your knees and joints healthy, make sure to drink this smoothie on a regular basis. Besides being great for your joints, this smoothie will also improve your overall health.



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