• The Virgin Mary Consoles Eve.


    The Virgin Mary Consoles Eve.


    Virgin Mary and Eve. Crayon & pencil drawing by Sr Grace Remington, OCSO
    © 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey. Used with permission from the artist.

    I just love this picture. The image is powerful. Just look at their feet (Gen. 3:15)!

    Several early church theologians saw Mary as the antithesis of Eve, and the antidote to Eve’s sin. Even though Adam and Eve both ate the forbidden fruit and both were culpable of sin, early church theologians emphasized Eve’s doubt, disobedience and pride as being instrumental in bringing sin into the world. Conversely, they highlighted Mary’s faith, obedience and humility as being instrumental in bringing salvation into the world.

    While the comparison of Eve and Mary is interesting, it should not be pushed too far. What we do know for certain is that Mary’s son Yeshua would die sacrificially on our behalf. Through his death and resurrection, it is Yeshua who mortally wounded the serpent (Gen. 3:15). It is Jesus who has redeemed both men and women, potentially freeing us from the power of sin and death and the debilitating consequences of the Fall (cf. 1 Cor. 15:56-57).

    In the picture above, Mary is a messenger. The message is all about who is in her belly.



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