• Useful Steps to Reverse a Slow Metabolism.


    3 Useful Steps to Reverse a Slow Metabolism in a Natural Way.


    As a rule, slowing of metabolism means that your body extends the period of food processing. This action usually involves retention of fat, this being a kind of protective mechanism. If you are a person suffering of slow metabolism, we are going to provide you several tips that will help you change your metabolism.

    Useful Steps to Reverse a Slow Metabolism.

    First step: Realize what is the cause of your slow metabolism.


    •Probably, you do not consume enough food.


    When our body receives an insufficient number of calories, it starts to save energy by decreasing its temperature. This causes a slow metabolism, slowing the digestion, the pulse and the thyroid function. It is a process of defense of the body, to help you go longer on less food. This is very important in certain critical situations.


    •Consumption of low quantity of carbohydrates.


    Carbohydrates are the most important macronutrients in metabolism. All macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fat are extremely important and they should not be limited or excluded from diet intentionally. You need to regularly consume carbohydrates because they are part of some processes related to the thyroid which, like it is mentioned above, is a significant element in metabolism, by creating body energy.


    •Other reasons.


    If you are consuming enough calories, carbohydrates, nutrients, but you are still having problems with your metabolism, there are other causes that may be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:


    •Liver issues: Think about if you do not suffer of malnourished liver, this being often met at persons who were vegans, or opted for a vegetarian diet in past.


    •You can have problems with your metabolism because of previously used low fat diets, which created further fat soluble vitamin deficiencies.


    •Poor digestion decreases the appetite and your body needs less and less calories.


    •Hormonal imbalance (low progesterone levels and estrogen dominance) can also cause the slow metabolism.


    •An excess of toxins as part of your lifestyle and the inability of liver to purify your body from them can burden your metabolism as well.


    •If you have a stressful period in your life, it can cause slow metabolism, too.


    •The presence of an inflammation: this can be provoked by food sensitivities, food allergies, vegetable oils.


    •If you eat small amount of food and exhaust your body with too many physical exercises, then your body defends itself by slowing down the metabolism.


    Second step: Start eating food to make your metabolism work.


    After discovering the reasons why your metabolism is slow, make the appropriate changes to speed it. The longer you had a slow metabolism, the more factors influenced it and the longer will be the period of rehabilitation. The changes which you have to make are:


    •If you did not eat sufficient food, now it is time to have a normal, healthy diet. Stop counting calories!


    •If you limited or excluded carbohydrates from your ratio, please, be kind, and introduce them gradually.


    •If you suffer of malnourished liver, start nourishing it.


    •If you have nutritional deficiencies, start to consume the food your body needs.


    •If you in general ate small quantities of food, start to consume food that is easy to digest and try gradually to eat normally.


    •Hormonal imbalances can be removed by stimulating hormone production. For this, provide your body enough raw materials.


    •If the toxins are the problem, then it’s time to remove them!


    •If you practice fitness, do not forget to provide your body the sufficient energy, avoiding calorie deficit.


    Third step: Be patient and stubborn.


    Finally, be patient, you will not be able to get rid of slow metabolism overnight. The rehabilitation can last months! That is why just keep following the upper mentioned steps to re-balance your metabolism and don’t give up!



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