• Why Coffee Shops at the first date.


    Online Dating After 50: Where to Go on Your First Date.

    Coffee Shop First Dates.


    Why Coffee Shops Are Your Best Bet.

     We know what you’re thinking: “I like this person, but they might be a serial killer! I like this person, but what if they don’t look like their profile picture? I like this person, but why are they online dating in the first place?!”

     Well, our dear readers, let us help you at least choose the right place to meet in person for the first time. As our subtitle suggests, we are indeed coffee shop fans. We are strong believers that most (if not all) first dates should be at coffee shops, especially if you’re looking for love after 50. If you’re not already a first date coffee shop devotee, let us try to convince you:

     (We also hope that our reasons why will pacify or even erase a lot of your first date concerns. He or she is probably not an axe murderer with a clown fetish.)


    1. Coffee shops don’t come with a fixed timeline.

     Unlike restaurants or going to the movies, a coffee shop first date can end at any time. Both parties can equally decide the length of the date based on how they ‘feel’ about each other. In plain(er) words, you can cut the date short if you don’t like them. Just make sure to be polite and REALISTIC when you do it, i.e. family emergencies don’t happen that frequently.


    2. You can actually talk without almost any distractions at coffee shops.

     The main point of a first date is to get to know each other and a coffee shop setting is beyond apropos. Every other first date location is too noisy, crowded, bad service and/or not neutral enough. A first date location more than anything needs to be a conversation starter–literally!


    3. Bars equal sex and casual dating.

     If you’re looking for a serious relationship, try to avoid bars on your first date. Bars directly and indirectly ooze sexual tension. They have it everywhere: dimly lit, music in the background, sweaty furniture, games with balls and sticks, hot bartenders and…oh yeah, alcohol! We are not saying bars have never produced a serious relationship, but why drown yourself in so many slippery distractions? Again, first dates are about getting to know each other.


    4. Who doesn’t like coffee?!

     Calm down, tea lovers. We are joking. Our last point is a sober one: Coffee shop first dates are safe. Online dating–in general–is safe. However, like anything in life, proper precautions help. That’s why selecting a public, familiar place in the daytime is your best bet.

     You’ll be surprised how fruitful your first dates will become when your easygoing chaperones are your favorite neighborhood coffee shops.



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